Bar Manager

We’Re looking for a Bar Manager for river ship Lady Diletta which operates on Rhein with german guests. The expected embarkation would be on the 06/05/2021 The position required must have these 3 important skills: 1. German speaker – he/she has to be able to communicate with German guests 2. Great Seller – he/she needs […]

Single Engineer for Gen Cargo

Rank: Single Engineer Joining Date: 10.05.2021 Vessel: General cargo,  Latvian flag, MWM TBD 440-6, 558 kW Conditions: contract duration 4 months, salary USD 3437 Remarks: COC III/3 till 3000kW, initiative and repair skills  

Chief Engineer for Gen Cargo

Rank: Single EngineerJoining Date: 15.06.2021Vessel: General Cargo, ABC – Diesel, Type 6M DZC1325 kWConditions: contract duration 4 months, salary from USD 4900Remarks:Schengen visa or biometric pass required  

Electrician for Container

Rank: Electrician Joining Date: 10.05.2021 Vessel: Container 950 TEU, 2x45t cranes, mixed crew Conditions:contract duration 4 months, salary $4500 Remarks: experience with ref containers and cranes required. Candidate must speak English and have min of 2 contracts experience in position


Recruiting and deploying seafarers are at the heart of BTSC’s business. Located in Riga, the centre of the Baltics, BTSC has direct access to seafarers in the region and a strong connection to the Russian and Ukrainian market as well. We supply crew and catering staff for all types of vessels. In this, we collaborate […]

Crew Management

Having years of experience, BTSC is able to offer the most suitable manning options at reasonable prices. Meeting our customer’s needs is paramount to us. Therefore, we offer the full set of recruitment and administration services.

Latvian Flag

A growing number of ship owners have been convinced by the advantages the Latvian flag holds in store for them. BTSC offers full-service assistance when it comes to bareboat registrations under the EU flag. We guide our customers through all stages – from the application to crew endorsements.


BTSC is licensed by the Latvian Maritime Administration and certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Download as PDF-File:

24-hour Hotline

BTSC is available 24/7 to assist with urgent crew requests. Please call  +37 1672722 11 / 14